Retaining Walls for the North Okanagan

We specialize in block walls of all types, designing each wall to suit your project and needs. There are many different building materials and styles to choose, depending on the functionality and aesthetics you are seeking. Building retaining walls is technically challenging, and if the wall is not installed correctly, it can collapse or fail with ground shifts or erosion. Transform a difficult slope into a terraced, functional showpiece by adding a rock wall.

You can expect a retaining wall to last between 25 to 50 years, depending on several factors, and some maintenance may be needed throughout the years to optimize safety and the stability of the wall. A professionally built foundation for a retaining wall is vital to the longevity of any hardscape project, as poor construction methods can cause drainage issues and fail to hold the soil in place.

Besides preventing erosion, rock walls add beauty to your property, they can add space on slopes, and increase the value for property owners.

What We Do

Both aesthetics and function are important when choosing the right building material for your retaining wall. We visit on-site and offer extensive consultations with our customers before we start building. A site analysis will include drainage patterns on your lot, so the retaining wall installation is installed correctly. We will mark grade elevations, and accurately estimate the amount of material required for the proposed project. We take your budget and end-project timeframe into consideration before presenting any estimate and guarantee our work.

Diggers Construction using concrete blocks for retaining walls

Retaining Walls – Types We Build

Allan block walls
Terrace walls
Beach walls
Shoreline structures
Garden walls

Fence walls
Structural walls
Engineered walls
Stairs & patios
Rebuild of failing & aging retaining walls

Often, we will recommend precast retaining wall blocks due to the huge variety of colours, textures and styles that are available. Precast walls are very durable and create eye-pleasing hardscapes that add beauty to any residential or commercial property. Allan blocks are an appealing choice for backyards when installing stairs, and stone patio areas.

Natural Rock Walls

Natural rock is trending as a building material for retaining walls because of their natural beauty and availability. We are fortunate to have several local quarries we use to purchase natural rock – with colours ranging from light grey to reddish-brown and black. This allows for design versatility and a choice of architectural styles. Natural stone creates symmetrical rock walls, especially for residential properties and acreage landscaping. Locally sourced Okanagan stone walls integrate into back yards beautifully, giving your outdoor living space a comfortable natural feel.

Diggers Construction elegant natural rock in Vernon BC
Diggers Construction many block colours to choose from

Custom Garden Walls

Are you looking to design a garden wall that raises garden beds and brings scale and depth to your view? Elevated gardens are easier to work on, saving your back, and are more efficient for water conservation, especially when combined with drip irrigation.

Perfect for vegetable, shrub or flower gardens, curved garden walls create stunning visual depth and can be combined with mow brick or stone to provide low maintenance finished results. Curves are a design element popular with gardeners, but they are also the hardest to execute skillfully. When well-implemented, continuous flowing lines give outdoor areas a sense of harmony. This can blend smoothly with a circular stone patio area or walkway.

Call us to discuss your project, and we will build you a custom wall to give you years of outdoor enjoyment.

Diggers Construction stairs and patio construction in North Okanagan

Stairs & Patios

Diggers Construction terraced walls built expertly in Vernon BC

Terrace Walls

Diggers Construction builds retaining walls that last in North Okanagan

Retaining Walls