Residential and Commercial Earthwork Services in Vernon

We have worked with many homeowners, contractors, and developers since 1988 to provide expert excavation services for residential and commercial projects. Our Vernon-based team works throughout the North Okanagan with homeowners, property managers, and general contractors as needed.

Our services include land clearing, basement digging, backfilling, septic and water line trenching, and pool installations. Considerations in planning any project will include slope, moisture levels, and soil composition. We use heavy machinery to prepare the surface area; then finish leveling with one of our graders. Grading is often completed before construction to ensure a flat and even surface prior to building or landscaping. We give you the desired slope for your project while maximizing space and earth shaping for proper drainage. Finish grading also provides a solid foundation for your building by packing the soil base.

Reasonable Rates for Excavation Services including:

  • Water & sewer lines
  • Lot clearing and leveling
  • Shallow utilities
  • Terracing
  • Swimming pools
  • Driveways
  • Concrete prep
  • Drainage work
  • Site servicing
Diggers Construction pool foundation in Vernon BC

We provide excellent customer service, no matter the size of your project. Our experienced heavy equipment operators know how to prepare your site for concrete foundations, rock walls, and site servicing.

Diggers Construction new home excavation services in North Okanagan
Diggers Construction pool excavation in Vernon BC
Diggers Construction excavating for new tree planting in Vernon BC